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Created 19-Jun-13
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I take a less abrasive approach to wedding photography, with a journalistic feel. I try to blend into the going ons and capture things as they happen. With a swift "couples shoot" so that the bride and groom can quickly get back to enjoying there special day.
I believe that everyone should have amazing pictures of there special day and shouldn't have to take out a loan to do so. I provide professional quality at a affordable price.
Wedding Fee is $1600
Includes , rehearsal, pre wedding, ceremony, and entire reception.
2 8x10 and 10 5x7's of your choice and a flash drive with all pictures and copyrite release.
Add custom made wedding album with all photos, leather, hard cover, $350

Reception only: $600. I photograph entire party from start to finish, guests, traditions and all going ons.
flash drive with all pictures and copyrite release.

Engagement photos only: $200 various poses.
10 5x7 and 1 8x10 of your choice and a flash drive of all pictures with copyrite release.

Private Party: $600
Full party, set up to last guest. Have all the special moments of the day captured professionally. Photographer will be available through out party for group and family photos. Flash drive of all photos and copyrite release.

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